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نوسازی آگهی، وضعیت نمایش آگهی را در سایت بهتر خواهد نمود. بهتر است حداقل هر روز یک بار آگهی خود را نوسازی نمایید.
رایگان بفروش هیچ‌گونه منفعت و مسئولیتی در قبال معامله شما ندارد و قبل از هر گونه معامله بهتر است راهنما را مطالعه نمایید.

archaarchitects projects

The activity of The ARCA group has started from 2006. Our aim is designing and execution special buildings for the clients. Some of the issues that we have noticed in designing projects are creating buildings with the different material and the right price for each of the buildings.

Some of the professional activity of the ARCA group are participation in different architectural competition in both architecture and interior design in Iran. Some of our works and projects  is published in some famous magazine in Iran,  which it can be noted such as:

1- “TODAY ARCHITECT AND FASHION” magazine in 2017,


3- “MEMAR MAGAZINE” in 2013,

4- “MEMAR MAGAZINE in 2011

5- “MEMAR MAGAZINE” in 2008


Also we are the Member of the elected Architects in PARDIS TECHNOLOGY PARK in BOMEHEN paradise.

تاریخ ثبت: ۱۲ مرداد ۱۳۹۸
آخرین به روز رسانی: ۱۲ مرداد ۱۳۹۸
آدرس کوتاه:
استان: تهران
شهر: تهران
محله: Esfahani Blv
خیابان: Naft town
مرکز خرید: archa co
طبقه: Aria fourtheen
نام فروشگاه: archaartchitect
آدرس: NO.28, Aria fourtheen, Naft town., Ashrafi Esfahani Blv.
موبایل: 09123379837
وب سایت:

توضیحات آیتم

The ARCA group due to the principal idea of creating the group will give services to the clients, including:

۱- Designing and execution special projects.

۲- Designing and execution some projects such as Residential building, commercial center, office building, villas and so on.

۳- Designing and execution interior design projects.

۴- Feasibility study for each projects duo to the situation and usage of each of them.

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